(Print this document, complete the information and mail or fax)

STEP 3: Calculate your tuition and payment

Tuition is $1,495* for Programs #1 and #2 and $895* for Program #3. Tuition includes a Registration Fee of $50 per program and all lab fees, use of equipment and tools, and written materials. All prices for Programs are as printed herein. There are no carrying charges, no interest charges and no service charges connected or charged with any of these programs. Contracts are not sold to a third party at any time. Cost of credit is included in the price cost for the goods and services. Tuition may be paid in full at time of signing Enrollment Agreement or a Registration fee of $50 for each Program may be sent with the Enrollment Agreement to hold your place. The balance of $1,245* per Program must be paid before the start of the class date.

I am paying in full for ________ Program(s)#1 or #2 @ $1,495= $__________
I am paying in full for ________ Program #3 @ $895 = $__________
I am paying the Registration Fee for ____ Program(s) @ $50 = $__________

The amount of $______ is enclosed. I am paying by __ check __ money order.
(MasterCard and Visa may be used to pay only Balance Due. Credit card payments are transacted at the School.)

Refund and Cancellation Policy
Should an applicant/student cancel or is terminated for any reason, all refunds will be made according to the following policy and schedule: 1 All moneys will be refunded if the applicant is not accepted by the School or if the student cancels within three (3) business days after signing the Enrollment Agreement and making initial payment. An applicant not requesting cancellation by his/her specified starting will be considered a student. 2. Cancellation must be made in person or by certified mail. 3. Termination date for refund computation purposes is the last date of actual attendance by the student, unless earlier written notice is received. 4. Refunds will be made within 30 days of termination or receipt of Cancellation Notice.
Should a student be terminated or request cancellation of this Enrollment Agreement after: a] The third (3rd) business day, but before the first class, will result in a refund of all moneys paid, with the exception of the Registration Fee in the amount of $100, b] entering the program of training but prior to 50% completion of the Program, the tuition charges made by the School to the student shall not exceed 50 % of the Tuition Cost plus the Registration Fee. The refund will be computed on a pro-rata basis on the number of hours completed to the total Program hours, c] completing 50% of the Program, student is not entitled to any refund as a matter of right and is obligated for the Total Program Cost.

Other Terms and Conditions
A student may be dismissed for creating a safety hazard to other students, disobedient or disrespectful behavior to faculty or other students, unsatisfactory work progress, or poor attendance. The School will provide its graduates with assistance and job leads upon graduation, but cannot guarantee job placement or employment.

STEP 4: Read, sign your name, add today's date

Notice to Buyer: Do not sign this Enrollment Agreement before you read it or if it contains any blank spaces. You are entitled to an exact copy of this signed Enrollment Agreement. Keep it to protect your legal rights.
I have read the terms and conditions contained in this Enrollment Agreement and understand that this agreement constitutes a binding contract upon acceptance by the School.

Student Signature:___________________________________ Today's Date:__________

Parent or guardian if student is less than 18:_______________________________

------------------------------------------For School Use Only --------------------------------------------

Payment has been received in the amount of $__________ in the form of ___check ____money order.

Accepted by: _______________________________________________ Date:_____________

*Price effective on January 1, 2008

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