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  Each week a new bench tip is presented to make your life a little simpler or your job a little more profitable. If you have any proven Bench Tips you are welcome to submit them here for presenting in this area.

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Tip #1
How to repair a broken hollow chain.

Take time to clean the chain because of the oils and hairspray that get inside the hollow links. You may have to clean the chain using a tablespoon of Red Devil Lye to a few cups of boiling water at 212 degrees F. You need ventilation. You can cut through link one on both sides using an ultra thin cutoff disc or you can unsolder the links using a small reducing flame and twist the link a little using soldering tweezers. Now weave link one into link two and solder together using paste solder. Then weave the other link one into link two and solder the same way. Paste solder is not necessary but it is a little faster.


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