The following sites are provided to explore for valuable information and reference.

  Professional Jeweler Magazine The Web site of Professional Jeweler Magazine, provides daily industry news, forums, sales and management tips, and reference resources for retail jewelers.   Professional Jeweler Magazine 
  FDJ Tool Your source for jeweler's tools, supplies and equipment on the World Wide Web.  FDJ Tool 
  JewelryNet A launching pad for information about the industry. 
  MapQuest An amazing maping service which provides maps for any place on earth. The interactive maps allow you total control over the contents.  mapquest 
  National Jeweler The world's most important Jewelry industry resource - the publication of record.  National Jeweler 
  Polygon  Polygon 
  RapNet The Rapaport Diamond Report is an international publication serving the diamond and jewelry industry and is the primary source of diamond price information.  RapNet 
  The Palm Beach Post Where you can find all of the information about the local area.  Palm Beach Post 
  The State of Florida Communities Network The official State of Florida information package. Nice production. 
  Ganoksin Online Creators, manufactures, and wholesalers of high-quality, higher-end silver jewelry and gemstones. Features: Tips from the Jeweler's Bench and Gemstones Online.  Ganoksin 
  Henry Jordan the Jeweler A site you have to visit to find excellent products and a fine lesson in philosophy! Meet Henry here and if you are in the area stop and visit.  Henry Jordan
  GemZone Here you can find a huge assortment of quality gems, jewelry, minerals and other lapidary products.  Gemzone 
  Gold Art A full service shop specializing in made-to-order pieces. See this educational, visual tour. Gold Art 
  Jewelrysources Complete trade information.  Jewelrysources 
  CAMS Retail Jeweler Gives you the tools that you need to do your job better. CAMS Retail Jeweler 
  Dalmar Jewelry & Gemstones Leading edge technology in plating for jewelry. Dalmar 

  Jewel Purpose High quality jewellery and fashion jewellery in unique designs. Jewel Purpose 

  Walsh Brothers Walsh Brothers watches and jewellery. Walsh Brothers 

  National Jewelers Association We strive to be your main source for networking opportunities, industry news and information. National Jewelers Association 

  Jewelry Best  Best jewelry websites on the internet. Jewelry Best 

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