Stewart's School

James W. Stewart

James W. Stewart

  • 49 Years Experience
  • Owner/Repairman
    Jewelry Trade Shop
  • Owner/Repairman Two
    Full Service Jewelry Stores
  • Gemologist
  • 3rd Generation Jeweler
  • Owner/President/Instructor
    41 Years Stewart's International
    School for Jewelers, Inc.

James W. Stewart

Elly Stewart
(Jewelry Designer)

Our Philosophy:

It is the intent of Stewart's International School for Jewelers (founded in 1975) to provide career education programs in basic and advanced jewelry repair and diamond setting, wax modeling, and lost wax casting. These programs will be provided for all persons interested in learning the basic skills necessary for entering the Jewelers' profession. Our philosophy is to show no discrimination as to race, color, sex or handicapped condition.

Because of the nature of the programs offered, our instruction must be individualized, often on a one-to-one basis. Therefore, our policy has been to limit the number of students per class to a maximum of fifteen.

Our objectives are:

  1. To provide a service that has been somewhat neglected in the past, as schools to train jewelers themselves - or all people interested in entering the jewelry profession.
  2. To establish resident programs that will include most areas of jewelry repair, diamond setting, wax modeling, and lost wax casting.
  3. To provide the best kind of instruction with only trained professionals to act as instructors.
  4. We work with rehabilitation centers to promote the opportunity for the physically handicapped to learn a trade which will enable them to be self-sufficient.
  5. To maintain a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere with close attention paid to providing and maintaining proper sanitary facilities and proper health and safety devices.


651 W. Indiantown Road, Jupiter, Florida 33458
1-800 843-3409 (toll free)
1-561 746-7586

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